1970s Hippie Fashion: What You Ought to Know

You will frequently be responsible for making your own look as well as making your own make-up, hair and wardrobe to set, when you are engaged as a Background Actor. There are many things involved in the 1970s hippie fashion that you too can put together today to make the perfect outfit.

Continue reading to know more about 1970s hippie fashion that can be relevant in this new dispensation.

Understand the ’70s Look You are Really Going for

When you think 1970s hippie fashion, you are possibly looking at fitted shirts and bell bottoms. That was an archetypal look all through the decade, but there was a lot more to the ’70s style than this particular look. Hippie fashion in this period was quite diverse and experimental.

Always make reference to your details when you are organizing your wardrobe for the responsibility you have been booked for. They will comprise of details such as the look you need to copy and colors to use or avoid.

Early 1970s Hippie Fashion

The Hippie fashion and look of the 1960s was carried over to the early ’70s for women. Trendy styles are maxi dresses, ponchos, peasant blouses, midi skirts, frayed jeans, Tie and die, and bell bottom pants. A number of accessories that will help pull together your early ’70s Hippie outfits include beads, feathers, stones, jewelry made of wood, scarves, headbands, and chokers.

In the early ‘70s, hippie fashion for men was influenced largely by brilliant colors and textures. Satin shirts, with lace or ruffles were frequently paired with hip-hugging bell bottoms. Brilliant colored three-piece and double breasted suits in wool, paisley, corduroy, and crushed velvet were all the rage for special and each day occasions.

Tie dye, boots, flips flops, platforms, oxford shoes with sweaters, pleated pants, flannel shirts, and bell bottom jeans were the more casual looks for men in the ‘70s.

The Mid ’70s Hippie Fashion Styles

The hippie look fell out of fashion for men and women by the mid-1970s, paving way for a more casual everyday style. This was when fitted T-shirts became popular, with sophisticated designs, sports logos, and slogans.

Women started entering the workforce at a higher rate in the middle of the decade. This led to additional tailored business styles. Consider tailored midi skirt, blazer, and fitted blouse with high heels, if you are thinking of putting together this type of look.

During this period, the men’s suits were slightly more European flair, with a straighter leg in the pants, smaller waists, and slimmer cuts.

The Late 1970s Looks

This was the period when disco took over fashion for everybody. Disco styles for women comprised of high slit skirts with chunky heels or boots, spandex shorts, sequined shirts, tube tops, and jersey wrap dresses.

The women’s hippie fashion in the late ‘70s was more relaxed apart from Disco styles. During this period, 70s clothes turned baggier, more illuminating and frequently resulted in an upturned triangle figure.

Sportswear was the popular Disco option for men. This look comprised of cardigans, jumpsuits, tracksuits, sweaters, low top sneakers, and puffer vests.

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