5 Must-Have Bags Every Woman Should Own

5 Must-Have Bags Every Woman Should Own


Consider yourself a handbag addict? Or maybe you’re striving to learn how to buy your first-ever handbag? Well, today’s your lucky day because in this guide, I’m going to take you through five bags every girl needs to own at least once in her life. Whether you’re a lover of classic style or always ahead of the trend, read on to find out the bags that you absolutely must stock up on in full!

The Classic Tote Bag

The Classic Tote Bag is a modern essential, with plenty of room to hold all your daily needs—from your laptop to your water

bottle. A tote bag can be dressed up for work meetings and taken to weekend brunch, ensuring that it synergises with your lifestyle.

The best thing about a classic tote, though, is that it is quite simple and elegant. It will remain “The It” bag season after season because of its chic look, and regardless of whether it is made of leather or canvas, the tote bag will complement any outfit.

What makes the classic tote stand out is its ability to combine style with functionality. It is a style statement as much as it is a functional bag. The classic tote bag is not only a bag but also a way to show the world your style and your way of organising things. Whether you are commuting to work or going to the beach, the classic tote bag will always be with you in style and functionality. 

The Versatile Crossbody Bag

Want a bag that is as functional as it is stylish? Your answer is the crossbody, which you can wear according to your mood and based on the demands of the day. You can adjust its strap and make it wearable between your shoulder blades and across your body.

With just enough space to fit the essentials (a cardholder, hand cream, lip balm, cleanser and moisturiser), the crossbody bag is ideal for running errands or a day spent with friends. The bag plays up an outfit with its minimalist leather style or a flirty print fabric.

The crossbody is perfect for day and night trips. It is great for a night out on the town and a day out on the weekend. It is the perfect size to allow you to feel comfortable carrying it without making it a hassle. 

Pile on the drama with a bold hue or intriguing texture, or opt for neutral tones to add versatility – regardless of your choice, the diminutive yet stylish crossbody bag is unlikely to ever be far from your reach. 

The Statement Clutch

If there’s one staple fashion accessory you must own that will instantly elevate any outfit you’re wearing, it’s a statement clutch. These petite and potent pouches are just the right size for adding a dash of ‘Wow, you brought that bag?!’ That statement moment could be when you’re heading to a black-tie soiree with friends. Or when you’re rushing for a decadent escape on a Sunday afternoon for brunch with your gal pals at the swankiest brunch café in town.

Whether you prefer larger hues or intricate patterns, statement clutches come in all shapes and sizes – wear one with embellished detail such as sequins or beading for a touch of glamour. 

The gorgeous thing about the statement clutch is that you can take it from day to night with ease. Wear it with jeans and a tee by day, and then you can swap it out for your little black dress by night. 

The best statement clutches can pulsate and spread multicoloured confetti, like the disco ball bag by Simone Rocha, pictured below, that had red butterfly-wing veins snaking across a fissured golden surface. Others announce themselves with distinct silhouettes and unexpected details – for example, clutches that taper into sharpened points, spikes or that have exposed edges and ruffled bases. If you’re wondering what to wear with such a piece, there are no rules: a mustard jacquard cape, a wasp-waist silk dress or a safari jacket conjure a spectrum of enviable looks. But sometimes, all it takes is a bold ochre clutch bag to transform a classic LBD into the outfit of the year.

Whether you prefer minimal or flashy, a statement clutch will definitely raise the stakes of your accessory game. 

The Everyday Backpack

Questions:As far as the grey female backpack goes, the bag you use every day, you can’t find the grey female going anywhere without that bag, part of it they’re practical. It’s when it also becomes a little bit pretty that it’s combining more functions. So the worker’s bag that you cart around, or you know, you go on your vacation with, and it’s kind of big,top-loading, with the straps across your shoulders. And it’s every day that everybody’slugging around every day,that backpack. Answer:It’s essentially a living goddess. And she can’t go anywhere without it.

The practicality of the everyday backpack is that you can use both your hands throughout the day without lugging around a heavy shoulder bag – and the good ones look enough like a fashion accessory that you can wear a simple skirt with uncomplicated flats and be fully on-trend. They come in every imaginable style, from sleek leather to sporty nylon, and a world of colours. 

Bid farewell to shoulder fatigue from carrying excessive lbs in a heavy tote purse all day long — the everyday backpack features lightweight & balanced distribution so that you’re comfortable all day, every day. Pamper self with a hip & smart looking backpack that’ll be your new favourite bag!

The Timeless Satchel

Every woman needs at least one timeless bag of the modern age: the satchel. Classic, ladylike and elegant, a satchel can accompany you anywhere and, thanks to its structured silhouette, it’s as perfect for a formal event as it is for a leisurely day of errands.

The great thing about a classic satchel is that it has as many uses as a man does. Its multiple compartments slung across your body, and sturdy handles mean you can pack it full of everything with ease. Heading into the office or out for brunch with friends? Everything you need can come with you in a satchel and still look suave and sophisticated.

It’s worth investing in a nice leather satchel because it will last you a long time. Its rich texture and stitching give it a timeless appeal and, with a neutral colour such as black or tan, it can be used with almost any outfit to give that finishing elegant touch.

Nothing amps up a great outfit like flinging over your shoulders a timeless satchel. Aside from being a practical investment, a great timeless satchel can speak volumes about your taste, sophistication and attention to detail – abandon yourself to the timeless and worldly glamour of the timeless satchel! 

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bag for You

So, start by thinking about yourself – what makes a bag a good fit for you will differ depending on your day-to-day. What does your everyday look like? What items to you need to cart around with you on the daily?

And then, think about your own style – do you like classic shapes, or are you after more statement pieces? Just as important as function is your own taste: you’ll use your bag every day so it needs to be recognisably yours. 

Think of versatility, too: opt for a bag that can span the day to the night, or weekends to weekdays, or more informal to more formal.

But remember to be sensible – pick something that will last you through all weathers. Don’t forget about the practical: even in a coat you love, consider whether the material can withstand everyday use.

You don’t need to buy more either. Buy better. A good bag will upgrade any outfit and last for years. 


And so many people ask what five bags every woman should own. So here is the list – from one lady to another. Nowadays, balancing fashion and practicality is tough, yet staying on-trend and prepared for any scenario is achievable with the right bags in your collection. If you don’t have the five bags below in your closet or in your life, then this might be your queue to buy them post-haste. Whatever the occasion, a great bag can enhance an otherwise perfectly sound outfit. And when the fit is right, a great bag can make life easier. I have curated a list that encompasses five satchels or sacks that every lady should have in her arsenal.

Keep in mind, too, that everyone’s reference points and clothing taste are different, so you should end up picking styles based on the compatibility of a bag with your general aesthetic, the physical requirements of your day, and the size of your essentials. Try, if possible, to be discerning with the pieces you buy – in terms of design, material, and colour, not to mention durability – and invest in goods that will, as much as possible, serve you well. 

And that’s why having these five bags in your closet will guarantee that you have the right bag for every possible occasion. Go for it and create your bag collection, because a good bag is not just an accessory, it is a statement that defines who you are and transforms every outfit.

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