Promising Medical Benefits of CBG

Promising Medical Benefits of CBG

CBG is closely related to CBD and is derived in a similar manner from hemp plants. It contains a very broad range of highly beneficial terpenes that people can ingest with broad spectrum CBG soft gels. The great number of terpenes contained within CBG oil makes it one of the most promising cannabinoids for treating a variety of health conditions.

Entourage Effect Makes CBG More Efficient

The human brain is loaded with CB1 receptors, which also are located in the upper body. The immune system contains countless CB2 receptors. CBG bonds especially well with both due to the large variety of terpenes that it contains. The various terpenes help to enhance CBG’s bonding capabilities with the receptors. The enhanced bonding capability makes the terpenes more effective at delivering medicinal benefits to the human body. And CBG is nonaddictive and does not intoxicate.

Cancer-Fighting Agents

Initial studies show the medical benefits of CBG include reducing the growth of cancer cells and tumors. It also helps to relieve pain and enable patients to eat by improving their appetite. CBG also helps to fight bacterial infection and produces a mild sedative that enables people to sleep better. More scientific studies are needed to confirm the many possible medical benefits of CBG, but it is proving to be highly promising.

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