Why is body shapewear important? Here you can find some benefits.

Find out the main benefits of using the body shaper and how the product works for health.

The accessory, which has always been known for helping pregnant women and post-surgery patients, gained supporters all over the world after concluding that its use, when used correctly, offers several benefits for the body (and for self-esteem!).

From then on, modernized and revamped versions emerged, with various models for each case and objective. The biggest attraction is the promise of slimming the waist without the need for plastic surgery.

The use of the accessory brings several advantages, such as modeling the silhouette and correcting the posture, which suffers a lot from modern habits (spending a lot of time in front of the computer screen or smartphone, for example).

Why is body shapewear important? Here you can find some benefits.


Body shaper benefits for the body

  • Improves posture

The body shaper contributes to the improvement of posture, as it keeps the spine straight, preventing poor back alignment and consequent pain. In addition, it gives the body a more imposing and professional posture.

The product, which is made from a firm fabric, helps correct posture and outlines each curve, enhancing the shape of the body.

Why is body shapewear important? Here you can find some benefits.


Helps slim the waist

Today’s long sleeve shapewear bodysuit have taken the place of the old corsets with the differential of providing comfort and more security to women who want to slim their waist.

The long sleeve shapewear bodysuit with pre-shaped bust provides the perfect fit for the breasts, in addition to being an excellent aid in reducing measurements of the buttocks, flanks, back and abdomen.

Why is body shapewear important? Here you can find some benefits.


Help with workout

There are many discussions about the use of the modeling belt during the practice of physical exercises.

Obviously, the double belt waist trainer does not have the ability to burn fat, however, when combined with dietary re-education and physical activity, it enhances the results and increases the feeling of well-being.

It is allowed to perform physical activities using modelers, however, it is necessary to respect the body measurements .

Optimizes outcomes and patient recovery during the post-surgical period

Just wear the shapewear after the surgical procedure to feel safer and more comfortable. The accessory, in addition to keeping the area protected, helps in the recovery of muscle tissues and enhances the results of plastic surgeries, such as liposuction and abdominoplasty.

The modelers, for example, were made to provide safety and stability, modeling the breasts and adjusting the posture during body movement, helping the patient’s recovery and also optimizing the results of the surgery.

How many hours a day is it recommended to use the styler?

According to an expert, you shouldn’t use the modeling belt for more than 8 hours a day. “Use the belt only during the day, remembering that 2 to 4 hours a day already brings excellent results”, he says.

In cases where the girdle is used for the postoperative period, surgeons indicate that it should be worn 23 hours a day, removing it only when bathing or washing, and the period of use can vary between 45 to 60 days.

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