Concealed Carry Laws in Pennsylvania and Illinois

Concealed Carry Laws in Pennsylvania and Illinois

Law enforcement still has the power to issue you a jail sentence or a fine if you do not comply with local concealed carry laws. It does not matter if you agree with them or not. So it’s probably best that you are consistently aware of how your state legally treats hiding a weapon on your person. If you live in Pennsylvania or Illinois, you can find simple explanations of your state’s concealed carry laws below.


Pennsylvania authorities can issue an LCF or License to Carry Firearms to both residents who are 21 or more years of age and non-residents who meet the age requirement and have a permit from their home state.  Pennsylvania also permits gun owners who have certain CCW licenses from states with which the state has a reciprocity agreement to carry hidden weapons. Beyond that, there are no other requirements such as undergoing training. So wearing concealed carry clothing is unlikely to do any harm to your status with the local law.


People within Illinois lines must have a concealed carry license (CCL) in order to carry a completely or mostly concealed handgun that is loaded or unloaded. While the state does not honor licenses from other states as it has no reciprocity agreements, it will allow non-residents from Virginia, Nevada, Texas, Idaho, Arkansas, and Missippi to be issued an Illinois license. Other requirements to obtain this license are that applicants must be at least 21 years of age and have completed a 16-hour training course that was taught by a state-approved instructor.

It is understandable for you to want to look out for your own personal safety, but the safety of others must be protected as well. As long as you are at least able to meet the local law enforcement in the middle, you shouldn’t run into any trouble.

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