How Maternity Fashion Clothes Have Changed Through The Decades

How Maternity Fashion Clothes Have Changed Through The Decades

Feminine clothing that complimented women’s features such as curves was not that popular till the 14th century. It was around this time when maternity clothes were discovered and became a trend.

However, then, when maternal clothing just became popular, it was only accessible among the elite and the upper-class members of society. It wasn’t until the early 1900s when maternity clothing became mainstream and all women could access them making the industry profitable.

Maternity clothing played a major role in women’s pregnancy providing a fashionable and functional piece of clothing that was both appealing and comfortable.

In the 20s and 40s, maternity clothing was mainly designed to conceal women’s bumps; to maintain the natural feminine silhouette. Though this changed through the 50s when women started embracing and appreciating their bodily change by putting on garments that complimented their bumps and at the same time made fashion statements.

Now, maternity clothing is more of a preferred form of fashion and the type and kind of clothing women would like to wear all depends on personal preferences.

From vintage baby-doll dresses that women in the 60s wore to flowing sheer ensembles that modern women wear, here is how maternity fashion advanced and changed over time through the years.

The 1800s

Certain sources claim that maternity clothing never existed during the 19th century as there was no physical evidence left to justify it.

However, pregnant women then hardly ever gave out their maternity garments to their relatives, rather, they simply discarded them just after the pregnancy.

Also, fashion journals then were a bit hesitant to cite any clothing related to pregnant women as they viewed that time as an indecent or somewhat inappropriate time.

Mertanla clothing at this time was also a bit costly, those that were capable of affording them purchased them through mail-order catalogs.

The 1900s

Through the years leading towards the 20th century, fabric costs were skyrocketing meaning not all women were able to afford new clothing through their pregnancies.

Instead, women would alter other clothing that they already owned to fit their growing bumps.

This situation continued through the early years of the 2oth century. However, women in the middle and upper classes had more options for maternity clothing such as corsets and even dresses that were tightly laced to conceal their bumps.

As the years went by, the economy through the mid and late 1900s became better and better allowing most women to afford maternity clothing. This was so, especially with the attention celebrity moms then brought to the media embracing maternity clothing with no shame. They made them look super comfortable and chic simultaneously.

The 2000s

As the 21st century hit, women were now bold and had no shame in wearing clothing that accentuated their bums. Women all over were now able to walk around with clothing that showed their bumps or made them appear big without any hesitation.

Stretchy dresses and belly-baring tops in the 2000s were a typical norm. Women were now comfortable wearing such clothing that exposed their features.

Also, more tight clothing such as bodycon dress and empire waist dress hit the mainstream fashion among pregnant women, allowing women to flaunt their bellies with uttermost style and confidence.

However, comfort was a top priority regardless. More and more stores have come up with lines that provide both stylish and comfortable clothing.

However, with this increase, we are often not sure which clothing store has the best and sustainable clothing.

This is why you have to first check online shop reviews before making any purchase. Read through people’s comments and reviews on different online clothing stores and what store is the best fit.

Celebrity moms also became a part of the revolution by coming up with new, creative, and stylish clothing that created a positive atmosphere for pregnant women with bumps.

Bumps were no longer a matter to be shy of nor something that had to be concealed, it was a feminine feature that needed to be celebrated and since it marked the start of a new life.

Now maternity fashion has stormed the red carpet, with designers formulating new shapes, colors, and combinations which have all resultantly made women all around the globe embrace the uprising trends and create a sense of body positivity.


Maternity clothing and maternity fashion have changed dramatically over the years. Today there is a large variety of maternity clothing that is available compared back then in the 1900s where maternity clothing was only available for the elite and rich.

Maternity clothing has evolved through the decades and has continually created a positive atmosphere that has allowed women to embrace their bodies and have confidence.

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