What to Pack for a Sunshine Holiday

What to Pack for a Sunshine Holiday

If you head to sunnier climes each year for a break with the family, you are likely a dab hand when it comes to packing. You will know all the tips and tricks and you will know what you should and should not take along with you. But if you are planning your first sunshine vacation for a long time, you might be wondering what the most important things to pack are and what you should probably leave behind. 

It is easy to get carried away when going away for a week or two. Some people will head out and buy a new outfit (or more) for every day they will be away. Apart from the hit this can have on the wallet, there is really no need to take so many clothes with you, especially when you can mix and match your outfits. You can even wear the same outfit more than once by using different accessories. So, what should be in your suitcase? 


As mentioned, think carefully when it comes to packing your clothing. You do not need a different pair of shoes to match every single outfit. Shoes can be bulky and be heavy, particularly when you have a few pairs with you. It is a good idea to wear a comfortable pair of shoes for traveling to and from your destination and then including a light pair of heels or sandals as well as a pair of flipflops to wear to the beach or around the pool. Daytime clothing can be kept to a minimum, especially if you plan to be swimming or sunbathing. You do not need more than two or three different swimming costumes. They are easy to wash and dry. Men can pack a few t-shirts and a couple of pairs of shorts, while women can get away with a couple of sundresses to wear when eating. 

Sun Protection

If you are going to be out in the sunshine, protection for your skin and eyes is essential. You should make sure you have a high factor suncream for yourself and something even higher for any children. Pack some hats to protect your head and do not forget the sunglasses. According to the good folk at Olympic Eyewear, it is important to make sure that your shades offer full UV protection. So, whether you are investing in a pair of designer frames or some discounted sunglasses, it is imperative that they provide the ultimate in UV protection. 

First-Aid Kit

It is always a good idea to pack a little first aid kit as you never know what will happen when you are away. Hopefully, you will need nothing more than a plaster to cover a blister on your feet, but it is good to know that you have bandages, mosquito repellant, anti-diarrhea medication, and antihistamines on hand should you need them. It can be difficult to find what you need in a foreign country, particularly if they speak a different language. 

Important Documentation

You are likely to have your passport and other travel documentation such as tickets in your hand luggage, but you should also make sure that you have a copy of your travel insurance with contact details so that you can get help should you need it. Make sure to have a list of emergency contacts too. 


Packing for a sunshine vacation does not have to be a chore. Remember, pack light when it comes to clothing and make sure you have sun protection for you and your children. Finally, do not forget to bring a first-aid kit and your travel insurance documents.