Wigs of the Week: Virgin Hair Bundles, Headband Wig Human Hair & T Part Wig. Luvme Hair informs you about what you should know about these Wigs


We picked Virgin Hair Bundles, headband wig human hair and t part wig as the wigs of the week for you in this article. We will inform you about different aspects of these wigs. Here are some facts, useful information and tips about these wigs. 

Let us start with Virgin Hair Bundles. At this point, I want to answer two frequently ask questions about hair bundles. 

Types of Hair Bundles and What are Virgin Hair Bundles

There is a plethora of hair bundle products on the market. Although many of them may be human hair, there are some differences between these products, which affects their quality. Let me talk shortly about these differences. 

Virgin Hair Bundles: These are the highest quality hair bundles on the market. They are 100 % virgin human hair. It means that all hair bundles are taken from one donor who has healthy and virgin hair. Virgin hair bundles do not undergo a chemical process. These bundles are long, full and thick and without any grey hairs or split ends. They are absolutely natural and healthy. They promise you perfect natural hair and long-time use. In short, when you buy virgin hair bundles, you make a big and long-lasting investment in your hair beauty. 

Remy Hair Bundles: Remy hair bundles are also human hair. In these bundles, the cuticles are still intact, and hair strands run in the same direction. Therefore, they do not easily tangle or mat. 

However, Remy hair bundles are taken from different donors. Therefore, they have to undergo a chemical process. For that reason, their quality is not good as the quality of virgin human hair bundles. They are less natural and less durable. Nevertheless, they are more affordable compared to virgin hair bundles. 

Non-Remy Hair Bundles: Although they are also human hair, their hairs are collected in very poor conditions. The hairs are randomly collected from places like salons and exposed to a heavy chemical process in order to make hair bundles. The cuticles are strapped, and hair bundles are not in the same direction. As a result, they can easily tangle or mat, and they are less durable. 

To sum up, virgin hair bundles are the highest quality hair bundles you can buy, which can be used for a long time. 

Why Should You Prefer Hair Bundles rather than Wigs?

Choosing hair bundles or wigs purely depends on your own decision and preferences. However, by considering the pros and cons of hair bundles against wigs, you can make your choice. These are the advantages of wearing hair bundles:

  • Hair bundles last for a long time. You can use them for up to 6-12 months. 
  • In time, you can replace some bundles with the one ones and make different combinations. This will allow you to try different styles rather than stick to fixed styles. 
  • You can achieve fuller and more voluminous hair. 
  • Hair bundles are usually more protective than wigs.  

The main disadvantage of hair bundles is that they cost you more. Eventually, it may be worth trying hair bundles for a different hair experience. 

Now, let us continue with headband wig human hair. Headband wigs are greatly welcomed by women. Here are some reasons why they like these wigs.

Advantages of Headband Wig Human Hair 

  • Headband wigs are both elegant and fashionable and easy and practical. 
  • You can wear these wigs in 10 seconds like your hat. 
  • You can wear these wigs glueless. 
  • They are also affordable and beginner-friendly. 
  • You can create different style combinations using their cool headbands. 

Buying Human Hair Headband Wigs 

When you buy your headband wig, you should, of course, choose human hair headband wigs. At this point, let me tip you off how on you can tell the difference between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs.

  • Human hair wigs are exactly like your natural hair. Their feel, softness or shine should be like your natural hair. 
  • Human hair wigs may resist higher temperatures. So, you can use your flat iron to test your wig. If you feel a chemical smell from your wig at low temperatures, this wig is not a human hair wig. 
  • Even it is an extreme trial, you can burn some hairs on your wig. If your wig is human hair, hairs turn into ashes and give the smell of barbecue or feather. If not, hairs turn into hard solid and give a heavy chemical smell.  

Our last pick is a t part wig. These are some reasons for choosing these wigs. 

Reasons for Choosing a T Part Wig 

  • They are affordable. 
  • They give you natural results. 
  • You can easily style them. 
  • They are practical

Installing a T Part Wig

  • Put on your wig.
  • Cut off and adjust the lace.
  • Administer some glue to your hairline.
  • Pluck the hairline.
  • Leave out some baby hair and adjust this hair. 
  • You can also apply some powder and gel and part your hair. 

If you decide to buy virgin hair bundles, a headband wig human hair or a t part wig, you can visit the website of Luvme Hair. Luvme Hair offers you top-quality wigs at very affordable prices and with easy payment options.

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