How to Care for Curly and Wavy Wigs: Luvmehair’s Tips for Taking Care of Your Curls!

How to Care for Curly and Wavy Wigs: Luvmehair's Tips for Taking Care of Your Curls!

Do you have trouble finding suitable hairstyles, styling methods, and hair care products because of your naturally curly or wavy hair? Looking to try out curls without breaking the bank on a wig? A wig is a great tool for trying out different styles. These guidelines from Luvmehair  will help you select a wig with curls or waves that is suitable for your needs and requires minimal maintenance.

What to look for when buying a curly or wavy wig

Examine the wig to determine whether or not it is made with real human hair. When searching for a curly wig, it is essential to ask about the texture of the wig you are considering purchasing. The production of a curly wig requires the use of naturally curly or wavy hair, whereas the production of a straight wig requires the use of chemically curled straight hair. Because it will imitate the texture of your real hair, the natural straight wig will be the one that will be the least difficult to control. 

 If you are looking to add volume length to your hair, Virgin hair bundles are a great alternative. Your hair length determines its cut. Different lengths create stunning layers, others use same-length layers. They might be straight, wavy, deep waves, or curly.

 If you choose to go with a wig that has naturally curly hair, then you will need to give it a straightening treatment before you can style it or wear it out in public. On the other hand, if you live in a particularly humid environment, curly human hair wigs are a wonderful choice for day-to-day wear because it can better withstand the moisture.

How to take care of curly and wavy wigs

You can wash and condition the wig in the same manner as you would your own hair if it has naturally curly hair. Be careful to wash your hair with a shampoo that is mild and pH-balanced, and condition your hair with a product that is formulated specifically for curly hair. 

If you want to keep the natural curl pattern of the wig, you should avoid using heavy cosmetics and should also avoid applying heat to it. It is possible that you will need to chemically curl the wig before you style it if it is a natural straight wig. In either case, you need to be careful not to overclean the wig in order to avoid damaging it. The wig does not need to be washed after each use, but it is recommended that you give it a comprehensive cleaning at least once or twice every month. 

A wig box or bag is the best option for the storage of wavy and curly wigs. Be very careful not to store your wig in an atmosphere that is either hot or humid, since this will hasten the process of shedding and ruin the hair.

You should use lukewarm water and a gentle shampoo when cleaning a wig that has curls or waves in it. If the fibers of the wig have been clogged with residue from hair products or sweat, you can remove it by rubbing the wig between your palms in a circular motion.

You can use a conditioning shampoo or a mixture of vinegar and water to cure the wig for odor or remove split ends, whichever of these tasks is more important to you. After you are finished, it is imperative that you fully rinse.

Tips for cleaning curly and wavy wigs

Water and vinegar can be used to clean the fibers of a wig and eliminate any buildup that may be contributing to the wig’s unpleasant odor. To this, you can add a little dishwashing liquid. Use a wig cleaning brush, which is made specifically for combing out dust and grime from wig fibers. You may also use these brushes to add volume and definition to a wig with curly or wavy hair. The wig cap, which secures the hairpiece to the head, should be cared for as well. If you periodically change the wig cap, you can keep using the same wig for much longer than you otherwise could. A thorough cleaning may be in order if your wig has been subjected to high temperatures or has been worn frequently. In this scenario, a mild shampoo without added aroma or harsh chemicals is best.


If you want to try a new hairstyle that might not work with your natural curls or waves, a wig is a great solution. You can consider Luvmehair when purchasing a curly or wavy wig such as water wave wigs.

You should also try to choose a natural texture that responds well to conditioner and water for styling. Wash your curly or wavy wig on occasion with water and a gentle shampoo to keep it looking its best. Also, keep your wig out of direct sunlight and high temperatures by keeping it in a wig box or wig bag.

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